Faith Shaken not Destroyed

Hello friends,

I’m sorry for the not so brief hiatus. I was taking the time away from the computer screen in hopes to find out who “I” really am. Although I don’t come back to you with all of the answers or even half of the answers I was looking for, I have learned a couple very valuable life lessons.

First and foremost:

God is in control. He is in control of everything that happens and every little thing that you wish would happen that didn’t. I have always thought that I accepted this about God but that was before I got hit with something that didn’t go the way I expected and it totally shook my faith.

When I was rocked with rejection I didn’t completely forget this but I forgot the rest. That God has plans for the good of his creation.

Second life lesson:

God is in control and God is good. Two very elementary teachings that we all feel like we believe until something shakes and tests that belief.

Third life lesson:

God closes doors sometimes but He will only shock you by opening another even wider! If you are experiencing doubt in God’s goodness whether it be through suffering from mental or physical illness or receiving a large dose of rejection.

Sometimes you wrestle with God, but make it your ultimate goal to never give up on Him. Stay strong through the hard times my friends. God is on your side. 


your friend

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