Finding Beauty in the Broken

When looking at nature, it’s very easy to see God’s creation as beautiful. The sky, the trees, the birds, and bodies of water—the list goes on.

It is much easier to see nature and other living organisms as beautiful because they are innocent beings.

It is a much harder task to find beauty in one another because our innocence doesn’t make it far out of childhood. We hurt each other, intentionally or unintentionally. We ostracize, we mock and we ridicule. We gossip, and we dislike. And sometimes the hurting is expressed in physical means ending in broken bones or lives lost.

We are a broken people, that often let our minds lead and our heart follow.

We find a simplistic beauty in nature but a glamorous one on our tv screens. So, instead, we turn away from what makes us beautiful and chase after the fame of the few.

It’s along this side street that we lose sight of who we are. We fracture into pieces of our once original entity.

We become our fears and our failures, wrapped in a package with a bow that says “I’m whole.” Yet we miss the point. That our beauty doesn’t come out of being put together.

Our beauty comes from the places we are broken and the places we let God make us whole.

A tree may be weathered by encountering many storms and still live and have immense beauty but we have a lot to learn from the tree–it stays rooted and lives off what God has created and what God provides and that in itself is beautiful.

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